The homework is asking me to sign in!

Okay, so you've installed Google Drive on your phone/tablet. Great! But, when you click on a homework assignment it asks you to sign into your account (or, tells you that you don't have permission to view the file). How do you solve this?


SIDE NOTE: You may find that some questions are large and are thus cutoff on smaller screens (esp. on phones). Try rotating them so that they screen flips wider than it is tall. Having issues? We recommend just using a desktop computer. Don't have one? Come talk to us. Watch your HW due dates/deadlines!!


Great question...
You have 2 options:

1. Use a desktop computer. But, unless your web browser keeps you logged into your Google Classroom, you'll still need to log in.
2. Fix the phone/tablet issue. Follow the directions below to setup your smart device so you don't have to sign in every single time


Want to do the homework on your smartphone/tablet?

Here are the steps you need to take to allow the Homework assignment to open without requiring a sign-in every single time.

1. Install Google Chrome using the buttons below (most Android devices should come already with Chrome):

2. Once downloaded, close the Google Classroom app (do not log out). Then, open the Goole Chrome app. Then, follow the images below to set the settings. 

3. Once you have completed the steps represented in the images, close the Google Chrome app. Reopen the Google Classroom app. Navigate to the homework, and click on it to start editing/answering. It should automatically open in Google Chrome (if it asks which app to use, select Google Chrome.)

From here on out, it should log you into the form automatically (it needs to know who is submitting the homework).