If you’re going to serve Jesus, there are some things you just have to know. Subjects are done by all students and build a foundation of the bible, doctrine, personal leadership, and ministry teamwork that can be applied in a wide range of life and ministry settings.

God’s Chain of Command // the Divine Law of Order

When Lucifer fell from Heaven, the “Divine Law of Order” was the first Law of the Universe that was broken. Hence the Kingdom of Darkness is always a kingdom of “Disorder” and where you have disorder you will always have “Confusion and Deception”. The Kingdom of God is always a kingdom of “Order” and where you have “Order” you will always have “Clarity and Truth”. Learn the “Tricks of satan’s trade”, so you won’t fall prey to his tactics but rather keep yourself aligned with the “Ways of God’s Spirit”.

The Origin and Infallibility of Scripture // Bibliology

In this class we establish what authenticates the Bible to be the inspired “Word of God” as opposed to many of the gnostic gospels that have cluttered the minds of the unlearned, taking them into greater deception and error. The basic principles of Hermeneutics are studied, teaching you the important keys and guidelines to properly interpreting the scriptures. In this class you will gain an appreciation for the Bible as  “God’s Unfolding drama of Salvation”.

The Heart of God // Theology Proper

The Father of lies, satan, has made God the most maligned, misrepresented, misunderstood, falsely accused and blamed-for-everything person on earth. With sinister deceitfulness he has infiltrated the religious church with “doctrines of demons”. In this class, we will roll back the covers on satan’s character-assassination plot, and reveal the true “Heart of God”. Every wrong doctrine stems from an incorrect understanding of God’s nature and character. This topic, more than any topic, sets down the railroad tracks for sound doctrine.

Who is Christ // Christology

From Pre-Incarnate appearances, to Christ being foreshadowed in typology and foretold through the prophets, Jesus Christ is revealed all through the pages of the Old Testament. Clearly outlined and systematically documented, we quickly come to appreciate that before the foundations of the world, Jesus was always meant to be God’s sacrifice for sin and God’s ultimate display of love for a lost and broken world.

Who is the Holy Spirit // Pneumonology

From Gen.1:1 to the last chapter of Revelation, the Holy Spirit is ever present in the scriptures. Why is so little understood about the Spirit of God who was involved in the miracle of creation, came upon the prophets as they did marvelous miracles, anointed Jesus of Nazareth to heal all who came to him, and was released on the Day of Pentecost to empower the church? Jesus said, “It is expedient for you that I go, so that He can come to you. Jn. 16:7 Find out “who” He is, and how you can actively engage Him in your day to day life for greater power.

The First 300 Years // Church History

As we journey through the first 300 years of church history you will be amazed to learn many hidden spiritual principals that make this a fascinating study. In chapter one we study the lives of the early Apostles beyond the book of Acts.  You will come face to face with the price they paid to preach the gospel, the cities and countries that they affected and the way in which each of them were martyred for their faith. In chapter two you will get a unique look at the cities in which the Apostle Paul established churches, the pagan God’s that were particular to those respective cities, and the spiritual effect that those demonic practices had on each city. Lastly you will hear the story of how a resilient faith in Christ brought the pagan world of the Roman Empire to it’s knees.

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