The College conducts its training in the midst of the congregation and ministry of Grace and Faith Church. Church attendance and practical ministry involvement are key parts of both the College and its courses. Because of this, College students are regularly in church and ministry situations that involve children and young people.

Both Grace and Faith Church and the College take very seriously their moral and legal obligations to protect these vulnerable groups from predation, exploitation, and abuse. Consequently, the College reserves the right to refuse admission or terminate the enrollment of any student who is likely to be, or has a history of being an unacceptable risk to children or young people.

When making this judgement the College will evaluate any risk factors that appear in a person’s application, especially the information they provide regarding past moral behavior, employment, volunteer activities, medical and mental health history, salvation testimony, and criminal record. The College’s treatment of this information will be with extreme sensitivity, however we may be required to report some details to authorities in cases where a crime has been committed or there is a child at risk of significant harm.

Applicants are expected to take these into account when applying for College, and to make full disclosure of relevant history and behavior if they choose to proceed.

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